Health Services

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Nutrition and health.

Digestive unbalance. 

What we choose to eat has profound effects on our well-being. Over the past few years, research has shown how dietary habits influence our health status. Some foods can trigger medical conditions and increase the risk of various diseases. It is essential to decrease the part of these foods in our diet to stay healthy. 

More and more people are suffering from digestive issues, like irritable bowel syndromes, intolerance, and allergies, affecting a lot of the quality of life. A better understanding of the underlying conditions and a diet adapted can often help to improve these symptoms for a better quality of life. 

Diet and Health conditions.

Some health conditions need a specific diet. Diabetes and hypercholesterolemia, for example, can be dramatically improved with a healthy and balanced diet. 

In a broader perspective, facing any health condition, good nutrition is always essential support to medical treatment.

With a medical background, I will highlight the best lifestyle and diet modifications to help you move toward better health and help to promote healing and recovery.


Toxin and mineral balance.

The mineral and toxic content of the hair reflects the mineral and toxic content of the body's tissues. 

Hair Mineral Analysis is a screening test to measure the levels of essential minerals and toxic metals. With correct testing and interpretation, it will give a comprehensive metabolic profile of the human body, and help uncover mineral deficiencies and imbalances, as well as heavy metals toxicity. These imbalances and toxicities can be responsible for several health conditions and irreversible damage to our organs.

I will be able to advise you on a suitable diet and lifestyle to rebalance your mineral levels and detoxify your body.


Gut microbiome.

Thanks to training as a medical biologist, specialised in microbiology, and a collaboration with Chinese University, we now offer a complete intestinal test to analyse the health of your gut microbiome.

The gut is called the second brain, as the intestinal flora is complex and constantly interacts with our different systems and organs. A healthy intestinal flora is essential for good health.

This test examines the good and bad bacteria that may be present in your gut, as well as the balance between the different populations and the diversity of the flora, and makes it possible to highlight a dysbiosis. Dysbiosis is an imbalance between these microorganisms that can be involved in various health problems, such as inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, allergy, eczema, obesity, diabetes and many others. A rebalancing of the intestinal flora is often essential to effectively treat these conditions.

With these results I will advise you on which foods, probiotics and supplements can help treat this dysbiosis, and help recover from the medical condition you are suffering from on the long term. 

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Diet rebalancing.

Weight loss can be a struggle and probably the hardest thing to achieve by ourselves. Diets are everywhere and offer miracle recipes to help people lose weight. Unfortunately the success rate of many of these methods are often low, with long-term weight gain, sometimes greater than the initial weight loss. It often brings a feeling of frustration and failure, and a yoyo effect which is not only bad for physical health, but also harmful for mental health.

On the other hand, some food have shown real benefits for our body with their medicinal and protective qualities. More and more studies have been finding how these foods can help decrease the risk of various diseases, and assist our body to better protect itself from the constant stress of the environment.

Thanks to an unique approach I will help you find a method that suits you, your tastes, your eating habits and your lifestyle, ensuring a permanent move to healthy habits and thus lasting results in the long term. I help you better understand what is good for you, and how to integrate these good choices into your everyday life, naturally and without frustration.


Workshops & online classes.

With new technologies, it is easy to find a lot of information, but unfortunately this information is not always relevant, and can bring more confusion than clarity. Thanks to a comprehensive medical background, and as a holistic nutritionist I offer different workshops and courses, where I help to disentangle the true from the false and give you the information you need to better understand what you eat.

These workshops are always designed to guide participants to develop their own healthy eating model, in line with their health goals, dietary preferences and lifestyle demands.